Astrid Weiske - Tango Argentino

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Astrid is one of the pioneers of open-role dancing and is an internationally respected teacher in many tango communities worldwide, accepting invitations to teach all over Europe and the world. She is well-known as a dynamic female lead and a gifted, beloved teacher since many years.

She has been dancing Tango Argentino for over 20 years, and since 2005 has been teaching in Berlin and abroad and hosting one of the most resprected festivals in Berlin since 2011.

Her strong sensitivity in leading, great creativity in improvisation, and playful musicality, stand out as key elements in her dance. Astrid is also recognized for her skills as a follower, which greatly expand her knowledge and understanding of the dance.

Her exploration of the many styles of tango, from the classical to the experimental, as well as other dance forms like contact improvisation and modern dance, have led her to believe that there is no "one" Tango.

Her teaching is based on awareness and analysis of natural movement in combination with her profound knowledge of technique, structure and most of all the music with to establish a deeper connection between the couple. This creates a constant dialogue between leaders and followers who share in equality the responsibility of listening and responding to each other, based on a strong connection to the music.